Monday, January 04, 2010

Hey look, it's 2010!

If you don't have a fun calendar yet, I'm loving my yearly planner from Miriam Benson. It's so pretty and bright in my (still lame) kitchen and while it's not huge, it's big enough to write on. Love. Commercial over, on to our regular scheduled posting.

Usually I go over my goals for last year and make goals for this year and let's see what I was thinking a year ago:

To adapt the flylady system to my tiny place and get it under control again! oh it is to laugh. I honestly gave up on house work. Between being prego and trying to get freelance work/day job work and cooking done? Cleaning just wasn't as important. I mean I still cleaned. Sometimes. When people were coming over.

To continue to grow my creative business ventures, illustration, design and toy making. Specifically to do at least 4 portfolio email promos this year. 1 out of 3 here but I'm not complaining. I have hardly done any design work this year and have come up with no new toys. I also did no promo mailings and I had just started to really push my Etsy shop when pregnancy again derailed me. Still I have made a few sales and have been as busy with freelance work as I've been able to manage. I've actually turned some work down. So yes, it's continued to grow, just not how I thought it would. Which is typical of life!

To make a firmer effort to eat local. Success here! Although my garden was an epic fail, I otherwise did really well. We still only eat local produce, and the closer the better. This year we also bought a local grain share (which I need to get milled still), have been buying at least half local dairy products and about 90% local and ethical meat, fish and eggs. We finally have room for a new bigger freezer and for all my canning, of which I managed to do a great deal, even in my pregnant coma.

To worry less know the entire planet and all of humanity. And to trust God more. Yeah I was in kinda a bad place last winter. I'm still a bit of a worry wart (hahaha) but I'm doing a lot better, you have to be positive with a baby in your tummy or you will turn into a crazy person.

So that's what I thought would go on last year. Here's the major things that happened.

- Craig graduated college. When people say "oh did he get a job in his field?" (fish and wildlife management) I say "apparently there's this recession..." Yeah. He is however finally full time at his not-in-his-field job. So while it's not perfect, all is well.

- I got pregnant and it kicked my butt. Hard. This is how I know that this year will be more fun: because I won't be pregnant for 10 whole months of it. Dude I am not a happy pregnant camper. I don't even remember the summer due to the pregnant coma, and still puking here at 7.5 months? Heartburn all day long? Pubic symphysis separation? I know being a mom won't be all rainbows and kittens, but at least I'll get to snuggle the baby. And eat. And drink a whole glass of water at once without puking. This will be good.

- We moved to a new place. Again. But this time I can nest and have been painting lots! At the same time I quit working, which is excellent. Now Craig and I can actually go places sometimes!

Goals for this year?
- Learn to be a good mom.
- Go on more trips/adventures than last year.
- Finish up my current freelance work before the baby is born and then restart when it feels right.
- Get more involved at church and just generally make friends so we don't turn into cabin fevered hermits over here.
- Have fun and see what life brings!

What is one thing you want for this year?