Friday, February 05, 2010

36 weeks

Man these photos always catch me off guard because I haven't found a place to put up the full length mirror. Turns out I'm huge. But I also have awesome hair because my hairdresser is finally back to work after having her baby. There are babies popping up everywhere.

So we pretended to have our anniversary yesterday. Our actual anniversary seems to be the same day as they think the baby will be born. We had to go to Nelson for our weekly (why yes, they like to see me once a week now) midwife apt. All was well in babyland although I seem to be fluctuating in the same general weight range for the last 3-4 weeks. Which is strange but they say is totally fine so I'm okay with that. Then we went to the hospital to pre-register (apparently it's more fun to register when you aren't in the middle of having a baby) and when we went upstairs the maternity nurse was super nice and showed us around. I'm very happy to be having the baby at that hospital, it seems like the perfect blend of medical technology and laid back Kootenay attitude. Also the windows overlook the lake and mountains. Nice.

Then we went out to Ainsworth for a relaxing Hot Spring time (don't worry, I stayed in the cooler pool, I don't cook my baby) and dinner. Delightful. We had Mussels to start and I had some sort of salmon wrapped in spinach wrapped in pastry with yummy sauce on it. And Creme Brulee for desert which is my favourite treat. Then came home and watched Man From Snowy River, which Craig had somehow never seen. Good times!

It's crazy to think that I could be having this baby anytime in the next 4 weeks. That didn't seem like such a big stretch of time a couple months ago. We are so excited to meet him/her, although still a bit weirded out by the whole process of actually getting the baby out...

And that is all for today (oh, still puking but less, pelvis hurting...but less, lots of heartburn and I can't get off the couch without assistance half the time. It's kind of embarrassing).