Sunday, February 07, 2010

Blogroll: Creative Life Part 2

Need to kill some time? Here's another chunk of my blogroll!

Jeanie and Jewell Jeanie is an awesome stationary designer!

Kirin Notebook An Australian fabric designer and screenprinter.
Loobylu Another Australian, she is an illustrator and generally crafty cool mom.
Lorajean's Magazine Lorajean makes really cool crafty things, and such pretty photos!
Lovely Design Sharilyn has the cutest daughter on the planet (unless I have a girl of course). Also she's a great designer and posts monthly high resolution patterns for playing with.

Making it Lovely Nicole has a fun little stationary company and a cute kid but her blog is mostly about her home reno and decoration projects. She manages to do a lot of pink in a very nice way.
Mer Mag Another artist/mother (apparently I'm trying to figure out how to do it), she once threw her kid an awesome Peter Pan birthday party. Enough said.

Portabello Pixie Another great fabric designer.
Sarah Jane Studios Another fun artist/mom with a great vintage feel to her art.
Sewing Stars She makes the coolest plushies of all time!
Shim and Sons She designs a lot of different things with a wonderful clean style.
Wee Wonderfuls An awesome toy designer. She also does fun cross stitch.