Wednesday, February 24, 2010

39 weeks

Still no baby. Also no picture. I'm not all that much more impressively bigger though. I'm not big on the computer these days, as you might have noticed. It's just not comfortable for very long. It did, however seem like a rather long time since my last post. Here is my life, in point form:

- I watch the Olympics. A lot. This is handy as I don't much like getting off the couch anyways.

- I had an epic adventure in which I sewed rather large blackout curtains for our bedroom. Craig works night shift and apparently the tacked up sheet just wasn't cutting it. It was a lot of work for this pregnant girl, but now I have a beautiful wall of chocolate coloured fake raw silk (I'm too poor for the real kind). Perfect napping room.

- I've given up on making bread until the baby comes because my tummy bumps the bowl and makes me cranky. I am however still making cookies and muffins. Obviously.

- Still trying to stay moderately active (when not watching Olympics) which mostly consists of swimming 2-3 times a week. I love swimming. I feel like Hanna again when I swim. Although I am admittedly not as streamlined as I once was. An old guy with a snorkle passed me last week. I mean he had flippers, but still. Also trying to get out for walks still, although I can't go very far or quickly.

- Mostly I just feel that life is on hold until I have the baby. I keep telling it that today would make a nice birthday (Feb 24? Sounds like a nice birthday to me!). I had some contractions last night but that was apparently just for funzies. Ah well, I'll just keep napping and reading on the couch for a bit. And go for another swim today.