Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Gear - What do you really need?

I'm putting this up for those of you who are pregnant (or thinking about it) and feel overwhelmed by all the baby stuff you might need. This is all we needed for the first month, and is therefore all I think you need to have before your baby is born. And no, my nursery is still not finished.

I used:
nursing tanks
nursing pillow
nursing pads
cloth pads (especially if you have stitches. I felt a million times better when I switched to cloth)
diaper bag with a wet bag
yoga pants

Little S used:
swing (luxury item, but before we got it she napped in the car seat)
change table
lots of blankets
car seat
5 sleepers
humidifier (because she gets a stuffy nose)

And that is all. She only wore sleepers because we didn't leave the house much and she slept all day anyway. Pacifier and bottle/pump came later. Crib is arriving shortly. We bath her in the kitchen sink. She's just started to use the baby gym and we still don't have a stroller.