Wednesday, June 30, 2010

5 Things I love

And want to come live with me. From Etsy.

1)Kimono robe by Plum Pretty Sugar
Because I get up a lot at night/early morning and I might as well look hot. As opposed to just being hot which is the problem with my snuggly plush robe this time of year. This actually is getting ordered this week, I just need to decide on the fabric.

2)Gigi the giraffe teether by Little Alouette. love it.

3) Love this painting by Mincing Mockingbird. Have loved it for a while, just don't know where in my house it wants to live.

4)I currently don't fit my wedding ring, which is a very plain because I lost my original ring. I've been trying to find a ring that is more "me" and I really love these ones by Colby June.

5) Thinking about ordering this print by The Wheat Field for my entryway. I think it is cute. And that would be funny. I'm just encouraging people to enjoy the outdoors!