Sunday, December 05, 2010

Craft Fair

I realized that I still haven't posted about the craft fair I did a couple weeks ago. It was a lot of work, so even thinking about it feels like a lot of work. Thus, here we go, in point form:

- I had a super fun time hanging out with my booth buddies (My cousin, brother and sister in law) and made some new friends. I love being around creative people!

- My favourite moment was selling a robin to a mom and watching a baby munching on it sooo happily as they left.

- The toys were the most work, and didn't sell well. Booo. It was a ton of time and effort invested for very little return.

- A couple people recognized my work from the fair I did a couple years ago, or had received things before as gifts, very cool.

- A lady asked me if my toy blocks were educational (to which I replied "if stacking things up and knocking them over is educational, then yes")

- I met Jen, who reads my blog (hi!!) Which means I'm pretty much famous.

- The mom of a friend of mine picked up a postcard and mailed it to her, with knowing that we knew each other (did that make sense).

- I got really tired of explaining that yes, I drew these pictures (as opposed to stealing them off the internet?)

- I was really glad that I brought a yoga mat to stand on.

- Why is it that when some people compliment your work it feels great, and from other people it feels like a patronizing pat on the head?

- Some people didn't understand what the prints were. They would pick them up and turn them around and ask if they were greeting cards (yes I had a sign). So I had to explain that they were art. And that you can put it on your wall. No joke.

- Some people didn't buy art even if they liked it, because they would have to take something off their walls to put it up. I don't get this, I rotate my art all the time.

So all in all I feel very mixed. It was a lot of work and a big hassle to leave little S for two days (think, pumping in a supply closet...). I made a profit, but hardly. And that's on supplies, nowhere near paying myself. And I know that's how fairs are for a lot of people, but that's not good enough for me. If I do it next year, I might just nix the sewing and only sell prints and greeting cards. I won't make as much but it would be waaaaay less work. I love to craft, and I for some reason have this bizarre need to be successful at selling handmade goods. I'm not sure why, I should probably just focus on my art for business and do crafts for myself and as gifts.

We'll see how I feel about it next year!

Also, all my leftovers are up in the shop, and remember, there's still free shipping on all prints and magnets this week!