Monday, January 10, 2011

Rainbow Quilt!

So this is Little S's quilt.
I love all things rainbow for her recently (maybe a rainbow birthday party? No more thinking about birthdays, I'm not ready yet). Also I have a lot of fun fabric in bright colours. Not purple though, turns out.

It was pretty fast once I got going, I started it after Christmas. Quicker because I didn't bind it. I'm lazy like that when it comes to crib quilts. I quilted the top to the batting by stitching in the ditch (which I fully suck at, by the way) then pillow cased it with the flannel and top stitched the edges. To finish I quilted the lines you see on the white area. It is by no means a perfect sewing job, but it's not bad. I'm just not fantastic at straight lines.

It's so sunggly and soft. The backing is flannelette from Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom. I was so excited when I found it, I find it hard to find patterened flannel that I like. It's got soft bamboo quilt batting in it.

She slept beautifully last night, so I guess she approves!

And just a couple more baby pictures. Because I can't help myself! I'd love to call that bed head, but she honestly has hair like that all day long.