Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby Gear Part 2

So once upon a time I did a post on what baby gear we used for the first month. How about an update on what I found useful for the first year? I have been very grateful for the advice I've received from my mommy buddies, so hopefully I can pass some good advice on to you!

We went from the sling (nice until she got heavy) to the wrap (annoying when not wrapped perfectly, never used by Craig) to the Ergo. Ah the Ergo. I am full of love for it. We used it from about 4 months until a year as the only way of packing little S around. It's comfy and we got one that is totally unisex. Craig loves it too and I will probably get the infant insert next time around in hopes of skipping the other carriers altogether.

Car Seat:
We went through two borrowed bucket seats, then bought the Radion80SL for her big girl seat. I love the colour (we have the metro) it's super comfy, easy to get her in and out of and very safe. Also, it takes up less space in the car than a lot of seats do.

So we didn't actually use a stroller until she was over a year old. For our family, the Ergo was enough. But then she got heavier! So we got the G-Luxe by Uppababy. It's light and sturdy. It's perfect for errands and evening walks, which is just what we needed.

Bumbo! Loved it. We borrowed ours, but I would say it's worth buying. So nice to have a little seat for them before they can sit up properly.

Instead of a high chair we have a Fisher Price booster seat. We don't have room for a high chair, and this one fits under the table (the one in the pic is the one my mom got, she also doesn't have room for the high chair!)

And while we're on the subject of seats, how about a potty seat? The BabyBjörn Smart Potty is small enough for a little 13 month old bum. Yes we are starting potty training at 13 months. More on that later. Maybe.

What we haven't used
In our family, with this little girl, we never used an exersaucer. Or any plastic or battery operated toys. And she doesn't watch TV. Not to judge anyone who goes that route, just to let you know that it was easy for us to do without. She honestly loves playing with her books and the cat and wooden blocks and plushies. It helps that 4 days a week she has two parents at home to tag team it. She did love her Jolly Jumper for a bit, but we have no large toys (our house is small). She's happy. I'm happy. It's all good.