Saturday, April 30, 2011

The littlest Tegan and Sara fan

So I had this t-shirt I got at a Tegan and Sara show a few years back. It honestly never fit me that well to start with (trying shirts on over clothes at a concert is an iffy thing) and now, not at all. Even if I lose all the weight, and more I still think it wouldn't look great on me. But I couldn't get rid of it. I mean...Tegan and Sara! And it was such a fun show!

So naturally I hoarded it for just such an occasion as this. This is the Urban Unisex Hoodie by Heidi & Finn. The back is cut from my t-shirt and the rest is cotton jersey. It was my first time sewing with knits and the most complicated pattern I've sewn. I did make a few mistakes, but none too visible. The pattern was very easy to follow!

So here's my little Tegan and Sara fan. 14 months old! (and eating the dead leaves in the yard...)

In other hair is very short now.