Saturday, May 14, 2011

Home again

Want a quick recap of our adventures?
First we went to visit my family in Creston for a couple days. This is little S playing with (crawling after?) her cousins.

Then Craig had to go home and work so S and I caught a ride to Edmonton with my parents to visit my best girly friend, Kait. Her youngest is only a week younger than S. So cute to see them playing together!

Then a couple days in Cranbrook with my cousin and her little boy. She's been perfecting macarons, we were only too happy to taste test.

Then back to my parents farm again to meet up with Craig (who we missed!).

And then home. On the way we were lucky enough to see a herd of Caribou, a first for me!

So there you go, it's good to be home! Although poor little S has a fever and has slept most of the day away. Pushing molars through I suspect.