Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sorry Dora

So I've been looking for a chair for little S for a bit now. I was thinking of finding one of those foam chairs to recover, but when I found this one at the consignment store I thought it was way cuter. Except for Dora. No offense to Dora (well a bit of offense, her eyes are super creepy!) but she doesn't get to live in my living room.

So the padding comes completely off this chair, and has these zippers so that you can take out the foam to wash it. This seemed like a great idea to me, but I was way to lazy to deal with sewing three zippers and two pockets and whatever all else. Therefore, I took the easy was out and simply seam ripped the front section off, used it to make a pattern for a new front, and sewed it onto the existing back. Took me a total of...maybe two hours? Less than her afternoon nap yesterday.

What does little miss Bed Head think?

She loves it of course! Well, she loved it before too...but now I love it too! And I'm pretty proud of myself for not letting it sit around for months or years like I usually do with furniture that I say I will refinish. Maybe if that living room chair had Dora on it, it would be done already?