Monday, October 31, 2011

of dishes and other things

S loves dishes. We tell her that when she gets bigger she can do aaaaall the dishes she wants. We can't run water in the sink without her lifting up her arms and asking "up?" In other news:

- S says over 30 words including short sentences ("no more" or "it's a kitty!"). At least half of those words are only understandable by Craig and I. None of those words are Mommy or Daddy. Still.

- She loves to play phone. Sometimes with a phone, sometimes with an alarm clock, sometimes with a belt buckle(?). She says "hello" and then talks for a bit with lots of "yeah, yeah" and some laughs, Then says "bye" and presses a button to hang up. It's so cute it kills me.

- Being pregnant is still full of crap. But baby is healthy so all will be well in the end. Right? Right.

- I have finally taken the chair to pieces. Now I'm struggling with whether to stain it or just paint it white. Stain would be sturdier. Paint would contrast nicely against the fabric (which I don't see on the site anymore...good thing I bought lots! It's the charcoal grey of this. Opinions?

- Our current favourite show is Leverage. Which is delightfully on Netflix.

- Speaking of shows, was it just me, or was this cycle of project runway super lame?

- Everyone just woke up from naps, see you later!