Friday, January 13, 2012

Cloth Diapering Confessional and Why I am Loving Rockin Green.

Time for another cloth diapering post.  Because I feel that it's good to be honest, or else people think you are super woman.  Hmmm, I wouldn't mind some super powers this week.  Here goes:

- My adorable little S has the most sensitive skin known to mankind.  If she eats tomatoes her face goes red where the juice touches it.  If she has a wet diaper for more than an hour she gets red.  If she has a wet diaper for more than 8 hours she develops open sores that take weeks to heal over.  At one point she got a bacterial infection.  I am not willing to wake her up during the night a few times to change her diaper (strange, I know).  Thus she wears disposables at night.  Always, for the past 6 or so months.  And she has no rash.  This killed me, as I am very stubborn....but her poor little bum.  And believe me, I tried everything (stripping the diapers, treating for yeast, elemination diet, various creams, stay dry liners...).  I don't even use super eco-friendly disposables as they don't hold as much and she rashes anyway.  We use the Huggies Pure and Natural because they are unscented and gentle on her princess skin.  I really hope that #2 will be in cloth full time, I hate throwing those things in the trash.

- We are crap at early potting training.  All three of us.  Being pregnant so doesn't help.  She still doesn't get it.  She's starting to understand a bit...but not enough to actually tell us that she needs to go to the potty.  I am trying not to get too frustrated about this, but I honestly thought it would have clicked by now.  Still she spends half her home time in panties because of the whole rash issue.  It's fine.  I've made my peace.  I really wish she would just pee on the potty.

Confessional Over.

Recently our local baby boutique started carrying Rockin Green detergent and I have to say, I think my diapers are staying nice for much longer between stripping then they were with Natureclean.  I think it's just tougher.  We have pretty average water and so I use the Classic Rock  in Bare Naked Babies (unscented).

Then I pulled out the size one diapers to prep them for #2 and after a good really hot wash they still smelled...just a little off (only a cloth diaper mom can understand sniffing your laundry as you shift it to the dryer).  So last week I picked up their Funk Rock - Amonia Bouncer and after soaking with that my diapers smell like...nothing.  Which is of course, the point.

I also picked up the Shake it Up pail freshener for our wet bags (in Mighty Mighty Marshmallow scent) as I am not doing laundry quite as often with the whole disposables at night, pretending to potty train during the day fiasco.  Again, it works!  Less stinkies all around.  I don't notice a marshmallow scent, but I also don't notice a diaper scent, so all is well.

Dear Rockin Green, thanks for making our lives smell a little bit nicer.