Friday, January 20, 2012

Helping the daddy

Little S is big into "helping" these days.  Helping with dishes, helping put things away, bringing us random objects while piping "help? help?".   It might take longer to get things done, but it's very very cute.

In other news:
-16 days until baby.  Give or take.
- I am nesting.  It's strange as I still have almost no energy, but have sudden urges to sort out my sock drawer (which is quite nice now, thanks).  I'm done over half my list, just some more cooking to do as I have time and energy.  The moses basket I redid turned out very well, I'll try to take photos soon to share.
- S is having a sleep regression which is super fun.  I hope she's back to normal in say...15 days.  Sooner would be better because mama needs her naps!
- I keep craving chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  Even though sweets make me pukey, so I obviously can't make a whole cake and ice it or I will be ill.  Maybe by the time we go for our next midwife apt Lucky will be open again and I can get a cupcake.
- S is calling us "the mommy" and "the daddy".
- And right now she's running on the spot screeching with laughter.  And it's nap time.  Wish me luck?