Wednesday, February 15, 2012

post partum #2

Just checking in from baby snuggle land.  Other than being highly (highly!) sleep deprived, I am amazed at how great I'm feeling.  With little S I could still barely get out of bed at this point and this time?  I'm actually finding myself eager for spring so I can give running another shot (as I just started running the same time I got pregnant...not so helpful in my case).  I'm loving being able to eat again (I was puking up until the end of the pregnancy, even on meds) and walking without it hurting.  I had an easy delivery (water birth!) with no stitches and breast feeding is muuuch easier this time around.  So far, I haven't cried once.

Here's a couple pics of the big sister.  She loooves the stethoscope.

And watching the bird feeder with Finny.