Monday, April 23, 2012

Newborn Photoshoot

I've been waiting for a package of photos to make their way to Chile and they've arrived, so now I can show you all!  I was so excited to get a newborn photoshoot done for Little A.  I really regret that I have such crappy newborn photos of S.  I'm a much better photographer now, but no where near professional level.  Even if I was, it's hard to have the time and energy to take great photos while they are still all squishy and little.  I really endorse hiring someone to take your newborn photos, and if you live in the Kootenays you should definitely check out Jackie of Chicken Little Photography and her partner in crime Tammy Kanigan.  I was in awe of their baby whispering ways.  I wish I had Tammy around to coax my baby to sleep every day!

These are by Jackie:

And I love these two of Tammy's

And if you were eyeing the cute acessories, the ladies have a lovely Etsy shop with newborn photography props and pretty headbands: Pink Poppy