Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Resolutions

We've been going on plenty of walks but I tend to forget to blog them, so I will amuse you with random spring photos as I ramble on.

Everyone always talks about New Years Resolutions.  That's all well and good but who really feels like being all energetic and changing things in the dead of winter?  In January I'd rather resolve to read lots of books and eat plenty of food that includes melted cheese.

Then Spring comes along and brings sunlight (hallelujah!) and rebirth.  Suddenly I want to do eeeeverything. Here are my Spring Resolutions:

1) Limit my grains and potatoes to one meal a day.  I'm breast feeding, so I'm not going for anything drastic here, but I want to get my diet back in balance.  Slowly lose some weight.  Increase the nutrient rich food and have more energy.  I've already started this and I'm feeling better!

2) Restart the Couch to 5K.  Because I had been running for about a month when I got puking sick with my adorable little A.  I'm excited to get going again.  Once more, nothing drastic, just three times a week to start getting stronger and hopefully find that waistline again.

3) Be a good gardener.  This is every year.  And I improve a bit every year but still not so great.  I'm going to try to keep my plans simple this year with the baby but I want the front garden to get prettier, the back to grow more tomatoes and maybe rescue one of the many overgrown patches of the yard for flowers (we rent and it's been a while since a tenant did any outdoor work)

4) Take every opportunity to be outside.  In the last three years I've spent two summers puking sick pregnant and the middle one with little baby S.  We got out some when she was a baby but I found it stressful to be out too much.  This year I want to take lots of hikes, spend some time at the beach when it's hot out and just hang out in the yard more.  Maybe camping.  But we need a bigger tent, methinks.

5) Improve my camera skills.  Although I'll be hiking with the point and shoot as it's too hard to manage the SLR and the baby.  I want to keep trying to get the best photos of my girls that I can.

6) Nail down a children's art style that works.  I'm still back and forth my style.  I want to get consistent in a style I love and feel is marketable.

7) Blog more regularly.    Because this is kind of ridiculous!

How about you guys?  Inspired to do something awesome this spring/summer?