Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Five I had to work for one hour today, and one of my co-workers mentioned to my boss that he felt sorry for me that I had to come in to teach just one class.

And apparently she said "eh, what's she going to do at home anyway?"

Yeah...thanks for that.

1)Beautiful shot by Asaf Einy:

2)Clau is a Chilean jewelry designer. Check out this beautiful necklace made with naturally dyed Chilean wool.

3)Anna Maria Horner, who I love with an undying love, has a new fabric line coming out called "drawing room". These are some of my favourites of the samples:

4)Recycled paper vases (yes they are watertight :)) by Picapica:

5)And now for something completely different. Design Police tags! If only I could stick these on people's websites some how...