Wednesday, February 06, 2008

In the Kitchen

So we're in the kitchen this week for Flylady, And I've been on a cupboard reorganizing kick. My baking cupboard used to look like this:

And I was whining to my mom about how I need to organize but I don't want to use plastic because it will likely kill us all, and I can't afford glass containers right now. She pointed out that I can just use mason jars. Well.....yeah, forehead slap. So this is what it looks like now:

It makes me happy. I walk by and just open the cupboard and look at it. Um, I will however need to find more jars as I do intend to can this mom might not keep sending me soup if I never return her jars...

Want to see another cupboard? Of course you do!

The metal canisters were my Gramma's before she moved into a seniors home. I love them.

In addition to the organizing (and there has been more, but I'll spare you photos of every single cupboard) I have been purging again. I whine that I don't have much storage here...but really, I have too much stuff. I can say I have less stuff than most people, which is true. But I still have more than I need. I want to only have things I need and love in my house, the rest is just baggage. I don't need 5 sets of chopsticks (sets, like 4 pairs in a set, not 5 pairs...I kept about 8 pairs)...I don't need 13 dinner plates...I now have 6. That kinda hurts. But you know, I don't have room to feed more than 6 people, and if I do I have more littler plates. And my cupboard is happier (wanna see? hahaha). Anyway...I've made three trips to my neighbourhood thrift store in the past month...and I think I'll still make a couple more.

Also. My house has been clean for a month. Self high five!