Wednesday, February 06, 2008

How to prettify your ugly cupboards

This is Jen. Jen is sad. Why is Jen sad? Probably because her kitchen is soooo ugly. Actually her whole basement suite is rather tragic. Thus begins our mission to make Jen's kitchen cute! (please note that Jen is not sad because of the cookie. I made that cookie and it is awesome). Our first project was to liven up her sad little cupboards.

For this project you will need the following:
- White mactac
- coloured mactac
- a good craft knife (you can use scissors, but the knife is easier)
- a pen
- a ruler
- a cutting surface (I used a cardboard box)

First off cut a strip of white mactac that is slightly wider than your cupboard. On the back, draw a fun design. Yes I'm an artist but you too can draw a design like this. Just draw some bumps like a preschooler's cloud. Or leaves.

Cut out the design. Keep the outline piece, not the cutout piece.

Slowly and carefully apply the white design to your coloured mactac. Use the ruler to push it flat as you go. It's best to unpeel it a bit at a time to avoid a mess. Mactac does not peel happily off of mactac, believe me.

When you are done, it should look something like this. You might be thinking that it would be easier to just cut the design out of the coloured mactac and stick the white behind it. It is not easier. It is death. It made me want to stab things with my craft knife.

Now, cutting through both layers of mactac, trim the top so that you have an outline of about a centimetre. It's hard to look at the picture.

Okay, so your cupboard decal is created. Look at it for a moment and enjoy. Now stick it on the cupboard. Make sure you line it up carefully, then apply it a little bit at a time, again using the ruler to press it down as you go. If you screw up, just peel it off a bit and then try again, it should peel off really easily.

Then trim the edges by holding the ruler along the edge of the cupboard and running the knife down the ruler. This is much easier then trying to measure it ahead of time and line it up.

Repeat for remaining cupboards! I also did some circles. For fun.

And there you go. It's not going to turn your kitchen into solid cherry and chrome, but it sure brightens things up. And doesn't harm the cupboards if you're renting.

We also got some new tea towels. Hung a mirror on the opposite wall and replaced the box of salt with a cute salt bowl. Oh and we bought tins by buying really gross cookies at chinatown so that we could put utensils in them. Jen is much happier in her kitchen now.