Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hair Accessory Round up

This post is dedicated to Jen (my sister in law) with whom I spent many hours researching and plotting how to make the perfect hair accessories over Christmas. Did you ever finish the flowery one Jen?

I realize that some of these are a bit over the top for most people to wear on a regular basis...but I like to think I could pull it off.

Antique Lace Head Piece Headband by Shabby Rose Studio...I love how it looks like something out of a romantic painting.

Okay maybe I wouldn't wear this one...but it's made out of clock hands! How fun! Victorian Styled Hair Ornament by EJP Creations

I love this idea, I want some...but less...bridey (have you figured them out yet Jen?) Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Bobbies by JMG Jewel Design (there is so much pretty stuff in this shop, you should check it out, especially if you're looking for wedding accessories.)

Love this one with an undying love. Something about the peacock feathers... Kachina feather head band by preenyourself

Ah, and then there is always comes back to the geisha's with me. How I would looove some me japanese hair accessories..
Very Big Vintage Kimono Ume (Plum blossom) Tsumami Kanzashi comb with Hanging Petals by Atelier Kanawa

So who's with me! Let's skip the plastic headbands and clips and be gorgeous together!