Friday, October 07, 2011

How did I do?

(an unrelated photo, because I love it.)

As a side note, I'm not sure that I actually believe that I'm 30. It's rather odd. Anyway, a year ago I made a list for myself to complete before this birthday. Want to see how I did?

1 Lose 20 lbs - actually I've gained 15...because I'm pregnant again!
2 Recover chair - well I recovered A chair...but not that one
3 Paint desk - DONE! forgot to take photos. It's mossy green, much nicer
4 Redo portfolio site - DONE! (and done again)
5 Get kids book ready to send out - Erm, not done, having a style crisis
6 Do a craft fair - DONE!
7 Learn to use goache - Well I bought some...haven't really painted yet though
8 Sew little S’s quilt - DONE!
9 Finish baby book - DONE! (and featured on Ohdeedoh...ooooo!)
10 Be published for something - DONE! Well I will be, but I can't talk about it yet!
11 Draw more little houses - press release - DONE! Well I didn't send out a press release, but I didn't need to and I drew enough that I'm not doing anymore for a while.
12 Sew little S a dress - DONE DONE aaaand DONE!
13 Sew myself something to wear - DONE! I made a cute maternity top. Forgot to post it up.
14 Read every Jane Austen book - DONE!
15 Get my art in a local shop or gallery - Erm, no
16 Perfect cupcakes - DONE!
17 Grow garlic - DONEish. Well the plant grew, and then it rotted out. To rainy this year I think.
18 Build a bookcase - Totally did not
19 Learn to shoot manually - DONE! or at least well on my way
20 Organize basement - DONE! of course it's messy again...but with less junk in there.
21 Organize my jewelry - DONE!
22 Make 100 sales on etsy - No. I went from 32 to 64. Best year so far, but not that amazing.
23 Totally finish s’s nursery - DONE! didn't take pictures...I keep thinking I'll do better than a large chunk of blackout fabric for a curtain...
24 Memorize a chapter in the bible - Now this was just laziness
25 Learn a new Chilean dish - This too
26 Watch every Audrey Hepburn Movie - DONE! will post later.
27 Totally finish the kitchen - DONE!
28 Draw a family portrait - DONE!
29 Make bagels - DONE!
30 Make lasagna from scratch - DONE!

Okay so that's 21 finished (or close enough). I am going to try and do #'s 2, 7, 24 and 25 before baby #2 arrives to complicate life. #'s 1, 5, 15, 18, and 22? I guess that's what my 30's are for! I like this list thing.